Fame. The colour recognition device with voice output.

Evaluating colours? Not just something for sighted people!

Garish green trousers and an acidic yellow shirt – a mix that horrifies sighted people, but which blind people often find hard to avoid. And vice versa, picking specifically black trousers and a white shirt presents insurmountable difficulties to the blind. In these situations, help can come from Fame, an easy-to-operate colour recognition device. Simply hold Fame close to the object in question and push the left key to activate the colour measurement. The voice output will tell you what colour the object is, how bold or pale it is, and how dark or light. Fame’s tri-colour sensor yields a very high colour resolution and can recognise many thousands of colours. However, because it would be more or less pointless in everyday use, Fame confines itself to naming around 420 colours and their shades.

Comparing colours? A cinch!

Briefly pressing the right key will activate a colour measurement. Fame will compare the measurement taken with the previous reading, and the voice output will tell you whether or not the second measurement differs from the first one. This feature allows you to specifically look for objects with matching colours. In other words, you can identify garments of the same colour, such as socks, or avoid choosing clothes or other objects in the wrong colour.

Recognising differences in brightness

If you press the right key longer, you activate the light finder or structure recognition mode. By giving off sounds of various pitch, Fame indicates where there are lighter or darker spots in the room. The feature enables you to check whether the room light is turned off or if there are any open windows or doors, for example. And if you place the sensor above a piece of paper, you can even assess whether it is white or has been printed on.