The EinkaufsFuchs

Your mobile recognition device for any kind of product or object

In the supermarket or at home, the blind always face the same issues: what’s in this can, or what’s in this package? Which of these is my favourite CD, or how can I find out if this is what I’m looking for?

This is where EinkaufsFuchs comes in. This handy little device finally gives you back your independence when you are out shopping or at home: it simply reads the bar codes that you can find on virtually any product today. EinkaufsFuchs compares the codes with its internal database that stores information on many millions of items. EinkaufsFuchs will read out to you the details relating to product content, fill quantity and manufacturer so that you always know what product you are dealing with.

You can even complement information the device reads to you or record something else instead if you want. This feature allows you to adapt the information to match your own individual preferences.

But EinkaufsFuchs can do even more for you. For example, it allows you to clearly label any object. EinkaufsFuchs comes with 320 bar-coded labels that you can stick on any object you like. You just scan the label with EinkaufsFuchs and say what you want to call it. The device records your voice and repeats it to you any time you go over the label again. The feature allows you to label things like cans, your favourite records, CDs or even documents, and you can even make notes on food about how best to prepare it or when the best-before date is. EinkaufsFuchs puts an end to all guesswork: simply move it over an object and you will instantly know what you are dealing with. And if you need additional barcode labels – no problem: you can order as many as you like at low cost any time.

User-friendly technology to make your life easier!

By the way, EinkaufsFuchs is absolutely easy to use when reading barcodes. Its scanner works independently of the direction you point it and will capture the barcode in any position. You don’t even have to know where a bar-coded label is located. As soon as the scanner detects the label it gives you the information you are looking for.

The EinkaufsFuchs database is continuously updated and expanded. Once a year, you can send in your memory card for a complete update of new data. Any information you yourself spoke onto the device will remain completely intact. This service is offered free of charge for a period of two years.