Be perfectly organised with BrailleBook

With BrailleBook, blind people can use mobile computer assistance. This convenient netbook was designed to specially meet blind people’s requirements while offering virtually everything a state-of-the-art computer can offer.

With its ergonomic Braille keyboard, NVDI or ORCA screen reader and integrated voice output, BrailleBook gives you complete access to virtually any digital information you can think of. It allows you to write and read emails, use the internet or work on electronic documents.

BrailleBook is a fully-fledged netbook with 2 GB RAM internal memory and a 200 GB hard disk allowing you to install and use any software you like. BrailleBook comes with whichever of the following operating systems you prefer: Microsoft Windows, Linux or Knoppix. By connecting a monitor, normal-print keyboard, printer and mouse, you can turn your BrailleBook into a fully-fledged desktop system that will also make an excellent workplace for sighted people.

Along with a WLAN port and Bluetooth port, BrailleBook also features a LAN-Interface, SD card slot and four USB ports. The monitor port allows you to operate any monitor with a resolution of up to 1920 x 1080 pixels.

BrailleBook is ideal for mobile use, because its robust housing is made from a single block of aluminium. The high-performance NiMH batteries, along with the energy-efficient 1.6 GB atom processor, ensure that the netbook has a good run time. Last but not least, due to its compact size of 23 cm x 17 cm x 3 cm and light weight of only 1,400 grams, you will find it comfortable to carry around with you as your permanent companion wherever you go.

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